AcalisCare Technologies is a subsidiary of AcalisCare

We invest in medical products and manage distribution and sales within each specific region.
With our parent company's 15 years' experience in the health and care sector, AcalisCare Technologies is solely investing in medical products leading to positive collaboration with the core business.

As a result, our recent investments and interests include a home-testing kit for Alzheimer's Disease (Alz1 kit) as well as a mobile aerosol sanitising solution (Felmar®) that rapidly executes preventative disinfection cycles.

The innovative Alz1kit has been created to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's before it develops by measuring a related risk factor for this disease (high levels of 'free' copper in the blood) by way of a simple at-home test.
Felmar® is a ground-breaking dry aerosol generator. Among the variety of methods available, aerosolization is shown to be the most reliable and cost-effective disinfection process - reducing a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi in high-risk environments, predominantly healthcare.

AcalisCare has over 3,000 elderly care beds in operation across the globe and in excess of 40 long-term healthcare facilities, currently expanding into the United Kingdom.

AcalisCare Technologies utilise this knowledge and expertise when carrying out market research to ensure our partners and their products align with our overall Group aims and objectives and would want to distribute throughout our own international health and care facilities.

In addition to these innovative products, AcalisCare Technologies work directly with international medical manufacturers and organisations to bring a range of approved products (PPE and diagnostic tests) to detect, prevent and protect against the spread of COVID-19 as well as equipment to support both public and private health and care environments.

Email to discuss your requirements with one of our Directors
We can provide large-scale quantities of protective Hazmat suits, reusable WHO approved face masks plus a variety of antibacterial hand gels.
Detection COVID-19 Ag
We are able to provide large-scale quantities of NADAL® COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Kits that provide results within 15 minutes.
For our full Felmar® (rapid aerosol disinfectant generator) brochure outlining the different models available, instructions for use and to discuss pricing, please contact us.
We are bringing ventilators as well as Intensive Care beds to the market; supporting healthcare environments at a time when such vital resources are in great demand.
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